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ABOUT MEI’m John, the Yorkshire-based photographer behind Top Tier Photography, who aims to provide creative and natural style documentary wedding photography.  I view my role as one of capturing both the joy and spontaneity of your wedding day along with the documentary details to create a beautiful set of images which will retell the story of your day. I believe your wedding photos will only be as good as how comfortable you are with your wedding photographer.

I see that in ‘About’ sections it’s crucial to state your authenticated, long held passion for photography, and for photographing weddings in particular. Well, my journey is explained simply, and is the same as any other guys, who is obsessed with photography. In my case, as a child my gran gave me 2 huge boxes of National Geographic magazines and over the next two decades and a career in Geology I’ve discovered it was the imagery and human storytelling in those magazines rather than the Earth story which spoke to me.   So I’ve fluttered over to my light and am I’m just very thankful for eventually finding that.  Why weddings?  Well, although I’m an easy-going and naturally friendly guy, I hate to be intrusive and weddings are well-understood events where all guests appreciate and understand you are there to do the best for the Bride and Groom.  Consequently I’ve always felt welcomed and have enjoyed the opportunity to create images which retell such happy occasions.

I aim to only take on 6-12 weddings a year which allows me to throw myself into these and be really thorough and planned out, to the extent that in advance I storyboard (draw out) the images I’d like to take that suit the particular bridal couple and the venue.  I  As well as covering weddings, I also shoot fashion, events and commercial work mostly in Yorkshire but also throughout the UK.  I am a recommended events photographer/supplier to the White Cloth (Photography & Film) Gallery, Leeds.